Career Path and Personal Development Programme

With more than 30,000 types of jobs to choose from, it’s no wonder people make mistakes when choosing a career! Typical examples of such mistakes are to accept the first offer that comes along or to say ?yes? just because the salary is enticing or to attempt to live out parents' unfulfilled dreams...

About our Organisation and our Counsellors

At Ramoth, we don’t believe God wants a person to be bored or frustrated at work! After all, He’s given everyone a unique combination of work-related gifts and talents. The secret is to figure out what these are and how to use them in making career and educational decisions.

Joe Ruiters & Ashley Abrahams are trained & accredited career counsellors and mentors (to verify their status of Ramoth. Our experience so far has confirmed the necessity for students and workers to be subjected to career management and to be assessed before embarking on choosing subjects or a career path. The benefits your organisation shall derive from the programme is either for students and workers are making the right career choices. This will assist schools to achieve pass rates because now children is doing the right subjects because they are driven by their ability and career path choice.

Consider the following statistics from a recent study conducted:

  • ONE-HALF of all men and women who went to work this morning feel they are in the wrong career field...
  • TENS OF MILLIONS of people are like square pegs in round holes when it comes to work and careers…
  • FIFTY-TWO PERCENT of information technology workers would rather be doing something in the liberal arts...
  • Many feel like prisoners in a career that does not reflect or enhance their God-given design…
  • Many students or scholars chose subjects on the basis of what is easy and not career-directed choices
  • More than FIFTY-PERCENT scholars have not chosen their subjects
  • A high percentage of university and college students select the wrong courses of study in college or technical schools...
  • A high percentage of final year students change their major subjects several times...
  • A high percentage of children spend more of their own, their parents’, and taxpayers’ money on the wrong career

Optional services shall also be made available to workshop attendees:

  • Career Management Action Plan (The action plan provides a systematic method of compiling and comparing the most important factors in career decision making. It is designed to move you from interpreting your assessment results to the career decision stage.)
  • Subject Decisions (assistance with the choice of subjects)
  • Post-school Placements (assistance with the best suited academic institution)
  • Job Application & Placement Support
  • Professional CV Drafting & Interview Preparation
  • Mentoring & Counselling
  • Bursary and Financing Support



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