Tender Training

We are leading tender consultants offering professional tender services and support for tender and bid writing, responding to tenders and submitting RFQ’s, Quotes, etc. Many companies are tendering for Government contracts to boost much needed revenues. Covering all bases is essential for winning tenders, so we have compiled some advice for companies new to the tendering process. Written business proposals are becoming a more and more important part of the sales process. We can help with both formal written tenders and informal proposal writing. Through our range of services we can help with all stages of the process - from ensuring that you are prepared in advance, to helping with the submission of bids, tenders and proposals and with following up after contract award.

How We Work

We would put together a support plan for you based on the exact circumstances of the tender or proposal you are putting together.

Some of your needs can include one or all of the below:

  • Tender Document Completion (R250)
  • Drafting of Functionality and Costing Calculations (pending on the complexity of the tender document; pricing will depend on the number of hours and rate applied)
  • Formation & Management of Joint Ventures ? we will provide support with the sourcing of the right JV participants, the formation of the JV agreement and the project management of JV relationship (pricing on application)
  • Supply Base Registrations
  • Tender Monitoring (inclusive of Business Development)

The following are examples of how this might work:

Basic Advice and Guidance

If you are going to do most of the work yourself we can help by reviewing the Invitation To Tender (ITT), Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) or bid or proposal document and making preliminary recommendations, suggestions and observations. You would then put a draft response together which we would review making further recommendations, suggestions and observations. There may be one further review. For this level of support we would expect to charge a sum to suit a limited budget. If, as we progressed, work came up that you wanted us to do we would agree that separately.

Advice, Guidance and Input

In addition to the same advice and guidance as above, we would provide input for all key questions and responses as required. This level of support is variable, and would cost more than basic advice and guidance.

Full Project Management

We would manage the whole process, develop a project plan, outline requirements for completion of the tender, ensure deadlines are hit and generally manage the response. This level of support is again variable, and our charges would be commensurate with the amount of work required.

Retainer Services

All of the above services can be prvided where business does not have the time or expertise to handle on a retainer basis. Retainer services vary based on your needs and can be discussed



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