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About Programme:

  • The entrepreneur develops an idea into a business opportunity or business      concept that is then tested in the market through a process of feasibility      analysis.
  • Feasibility analysis is used to inform the entrepreneur about the conditions required to move forward and develop the business. This may involve market research.
  • Once the entrepreneur has determined that the concept is feasible, a business     plan is developed to detail how the company will be structured and to describe its operation
  • Testing the business concept in the real world is what actually determines if the   business has viability. Thus, the business must actually be launched and operated in the environment to determine viability. 
  • In a business, the term viability is the point when  the company is able to generate sufficient cash flows to allow the business to survive on its own without cash infusions from outside sources such as the entrepreneur's own resources, investors, or a bank loan.

How feasible is your Business Idea or Concept?

  • Connection occurs when two ideas are brought together that normally are not   juxtaposed, such as nature and machines, which produced the field of nanotechnology or microscopic machines that copy nature in the way that      they operate.
  • Discovery happens once a connection has been made. It is actually the result of the connection in the form of an idea.     
  • Inventions are the product of turning an idea into a product or service.
  • Application comes about when the inventor is able to apply the invention to a number of different uses or applications in a variety of industries and      situations.

How We Work

Our methodology shall include the following with the aim of providing a feasibility plan for operational purposes and a document to facilitate access financing: Purpose of this feasibility study/plan should cover address / redress solvency levels, the ROI, potential funders & risk associated in terms of each of these funders, how will future debt be serviced; how will financial situation be.

This is what the client can expect once we have completed a feasibility analysis: 

  • Facilitate the Strategic Process and Feasibility Plan
  • Presentation in line with plan provided. Presentation to be very interactive to lead participants in self-development of their own business idea / concept.
  • Ensure that Feasibility Plan meets minimum requirements to access finance or confirms viability




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