Black Business Executive Growth

Black Business EXECUTIVE Development PROGRAMME

The Opportunity

As a business owner or key executive, we already know that it’s not easy to remain profitable and grow. The economy is tight, competition is intense, and the competitive arena is global. We need to give black entrepreneurs every advantage to succeed, and we can help. Their business needs to be well-organized, their employees must be able to execute their strategic plan, and their attention must be focused on the customer. We need up-to-date business skills and a network that can help them make the right connections in today’s fast-moving global business environment. We have a lot of experience in helping people like you to succeed.

We are fully aware that most of these black entrepreneurs have been tradesmen, artisans and laymen whom never was exposed to business management. They are good at what they do and in most cases started a business as a result of either retrenchments or unemployment where they have been forced to start a business to provide for their immediate needs. Whether they are profitable or successful we have found many of these entrepreneurs fail to have the capacity to grow their businesses and securing the future sustainability of the business. They have just become content in making sure that it achieved their immediate short-term goals (X5 or R50k p/m or living in Plattekloof) . This sort sightedness is been brought about as a result of their inability to take the business to the next level due to insufficient education. For this reason we believe that a program of  this nature can assist in overcoming these short-comings and ensuring that we help black entrepreneurs growing their businesses. This will also prepare BBE to contribute to eliminate jobless growth. 

We know an entrepreneur’s time is valuable. So in just one week, using their own company as a case study, we’ll focus on solving the problems that they face day to day. Our world-class faculty will give them the business tools they need to compete. Our strategic execution partners have extensive experience working with black and women business owners, and they understand their challenges and opportunities. These entrepreneurs will be working in collaboration with other high-potential BBEs who deal with the same issues they confront, and they’ll get opportunities to make deals and form strategic alliances. And by joining our BBEP (Black Business Executive Programs) Alumni Association, entrepreneurs will stay in touch and make a difference in the black business community. In short, we deliver what black entrepreneurs need to position their business for increased profits and breakthrough growth. It’s an investment in their future.

Objectives of the Programme 

  • Improved all dimensions of running their businesses
  • Entering new contracts or increases to existing contracts
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Entering into strategic alliances, mergers or acquisitions

Program 1 - Building a High-Performing Black Business

The Building a High-Performing Black Business program delivers the tools and management perspective to help the client understand what they're doing right and how they can improve. They'll learn about efficient business processes, structure, and culture that will keep their organization lean and effective as it grows. They'll explore systems that help them manage essential resources—from cash flow to customers and they'll leave with an understanding of how to create and implement a realistic, clear, and focused strategy that anticipates emerging opportunities and prepares their business for growth.

The Skills You Need to Compete

Through structured course sessions, real-world examples, collaborative group activities, and opportunities to apply learning in real-time to deliver frameworks for success. Practical insights will help them confront—and conquer— their own business challenges. They'll learn about:

  • Strategy and Implementation—Assess your current strategy and plan how to implement changes to drive results, improve efficiency, and increase profits
  • Analysis of Financial Statements—Understand how to manage cash flows, minimize losses, and allocate resources to become more profitable
  • Customer Focus—Align organizational strategies with customer needs and learn how to identify customers who will improve your bottom line
  • Leveraging Your Value Chain Position—Understand your position in the value chain and whether it affords you the potential to prosper and grow
  • Leadership—Develop your ability to communicate your vision and inspire people to implement your plan

Who Should Attend

This core program is designed for black business owners and senior executives with three to five years of experience running a successful business. Participants should have at least R500k in annual sales and be deeply committed to improving their businesses.


Program 2 - Growing the Black Business to Scale

The Growing the Black Business to Scale program focuses on growth as a way for high-potential companies to achieve their strategic objectives. They'll learn how to anticipate emerging opportunities, how to evaluate options for growth, and how to implement an effective growth strategy. This program will help them reach their goals. They'll explore three options for growing your business: organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances.

Keys to Growth

Participants will learn how growth can help them achieve business objectives and how to evaluate and implement an effective growth strategy. Specific topics include:

  • Growth Strategy and Implementation—Assess your strategy and business model, identify the pathways to achieving growth, and design an implementation plan
  • Financial Analysis in Preparation for Growth—Assess your current operating performance and  financial condition, learn valuation methods, understand capital structure, identify possible sources of capital, and evaluate potential acquisitions and partners
  • Growth through Innovation—Explore innovative strategies, learn how emerging technology can help you expand capabilities, innovate your product/service portfolio, and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Planning a Market Growth Portfolio—Understand  the importance of strategic diversification in a rapidly changing marketplace and how to align resources around your customer
  • Lean Operations—Learn how process improvements can streamline operations, reduce costs in the supply chain, and generate the quality and responsiveness your customers require
  • Acquisition Strategy—Understand who your target should be, determine the best financing options, and learn to manage the integration of different corporate cultures
  • Strategic Alliances—Learn about partnering with companies that expand your capacity by increasing your ability to take on more valuable contracts or offer complementary services and products

Who Should Attend

This advanced program is designed for black business owners and senior executives with five to ten years of experience running a successful business, who have already attended the Building a High-Performing Black Business program (or gained equivalent education or experience), and whose businesses are poised for growth.



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