What we are not


Operation Harvest is not a church or a denomination; it will be a vehicle in accomplishing what is intended by the vision. However it will be a movement or a grouping of spiritual people with unique callings on their lives to operate and to fulfill the thrust of Operation Harvest.

This vision had to be stationed in an appropriate legal vehicle. After careful consideration of much type of institutions, the best administrative and regulatory framework in which to conduct the operations and affairs of “Operation Harvest” will be a non-profit organisation (NPO). The NPO is simplistic and will give us the benefits – management and underline our non-profit motive. This gives us the added advantaged to comply with all the requirements for tax-exempt status in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act, in order to encourage individuals or organisation to invest in its own development by enjoying the tax benefits coming from such compliance. We believe with this vision the only parties to profit is ultimately the Kingdom of God, the communities and the individual / organisation within that communities. This has resulted that a NPO has been registered.

It should be clear that the vehicle, the NPO should never become greater than the vision itself, because the vehicle’s legitimacy is as a result of the vision and not vice versa. However, if the vehicle becomes greater than the vision the leadership at the time should consider its abandonment. Not losing site that “Operation Harvest” is to the set our communities free in line with Jesus’ calling in Luke 4: 18 & 19. “Set the captives free.”

Operation Harvest will target a God-given community in line with our mission statement / slogan, “Ignite an individual with the Gift of God and a crowd is ignited. Ignite a crowd with the Gift of God and a community is ignited. Ignite a community with the Gift of God and a nation is ignited…” – John 4: 39 – 42.

It is important to understand that the harvest is not purposed for a single denomination or for a specific grouping, as it is directed at setting communities free – to live free in Christ. Partnerships and alliances will be formed with all denominations to enjoy the benefits from Operation Harvest.



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