The Vision & it's Quest


“…for such a time as this”

In the year of the Lord, 1998 in Oudtshoorn, our Brother Joseph Ruiters, had a dream…in this dream he was given a letter from the HOLY SPIRIT, with a clear request, “I am seeking a man…” Amazed at the meaning to this...he was immediately led into a vision, where he saw himself standing in the stature of a “Moses” and a hand appeared out of heaven where a scroll was handed to him. Immediately an instruction from God followed which said he should run with this scroll, he was filled with fear as to how can he runs, if there is no substance or platform to run from. In obedience to the voice, he put his first foot out carefully, a tile appeared and as he was waiting for the next tile to appear, the voice said clearly he should not fear but run with this scroll.

In 1999 he saw the birth of the vision “GENERATION JOSHUA”. As he was about to minister at a youth campaign in Parkwood, he was struck with numbness for a while. After this period of numbness, he gave utterance to the following Holy Spirit filled words: “Daar’s ‘n fakkel wat God gee uit die hemel en sal enkelinge aan die brand steek wat soos Simpson gemaak met die jakkelse in die wingerd van die Filistyne, om ‘n herlewing te veroorsaak.” This is an Afrikaans version, meaning that God will raise up a new generation. The thrust of Generation Joshua is clearly the raising up of a new or young generation with fire and power, with a definite mission to capture what God has promised years ago.

Whilst in Kimberley in that year God confirmed that message strongly in his life and as his wife fell pregnant he made a commitment that if this child is a son he will name him Joshua and if it is a girl he will name her Kimberley in confirmation of this vision. Subsequent a son was born, so he called him, Joshua. In confirmation to this, he gracefully stumbled across a website while surfing the net and met a man, Pastor Steven Shelley from the New Hope Revival Ministries (NHRM), which received a similar word that “Our Joshua is the Holy Ghost. God is getting ready to take us from the cave of obscurity to the throne of visibility, so that He can accomplish His work. It’s going to be complete leadership. You shall surely rise up in the Spirit of Joshua, and you shall go forth and lead others forth. This is the year to step into things that I have promised you. I have called you for this purpose, and you shall surely know My purposes in your life in these coming days. I will give you what you need to overcome every obstacle in your way. Rise up, My children, in the power of My Spirit and claim that possession.” A son was also born to him and he named him also Joshua in reference to what he received from God.

At a conference in the year 2001, a prophetess Lettie Exford gave Bro Ruiters a prophetic word “…Ek salf jou en as jy vertrek sal jy duidelik my voetstappe gewaar en jy sal weet dat dit die gunstige tyd is.” In English it means that God anoints him and he will know when the ideal time for him to walk in His purpose is.” Mark 6: 1 – 6 was given to confirm what was prophesied - here Jesus was led out of Nazareth as He couldn’t do great wonders there, “a prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.” Although he knew that this meant he would depart the assembly he has fellowshipped with, he tried to deny it, but what was spoken will come into fulfillment.

September 15, 2001 the vision was supported by an encounter with God where clearly God took Bro Ruiters back and showed him how he sowed in His Kingdom and clearly the Holy Spirit impressed it on his heart that “Harvest time” is here, which was confirmed by a word “you’ll reap where you have sown and you’ll harvest where you have never sown before.” Immediately he went to go and look at this awesome task given by God’s Spirit. A small town where he has worked as a young boy was shown to him, which is BELHAR. This coincided with a clear instruction that God will strip him – at the time he did not know and understood what this stripping process entailed but he has learned quickly.

The stripping process started when God led him powerful out of the denomination he served for the last 21 years, which coincides with the prophetic words received. During this period of separation from denominations God schooled him in the interventions and strategies followed by Nehemiah in his quest for Jerusalem’s restoration. More visions followed during this period by independent sources, here he recalls the vision of the key God gave him, through Prophetess Dollie Abrahams; the vision of the enlighten room by Sist Karen Plaatjies; the vision of the ripe figs and the Tallith of Anointing, the bridge by Bro Steven Shelley (NHRM) and Bro Anton’s vision of the basket of summer fruits and the key called Operation Harvest.

During the course of 2003 God took Bro Ruiters abroad to look into the country from a different perspective. Here God spoke clearly to him “God has sent you here to prepare you and will give you a word from God that will change the face of South Africa”

Yes visions are born in the soul of a man or woman who is consumed with the tension between what is and what could be, who are dissatisfied with the status quo and rules it as unacceptable. Yes, Bro Joe Ruiters has become frustrated, broken-hearted and angry at the current state of events concerning the ultimate freedom of God’s people. Yes, against this background, this made him a candidate for a vision; about the way things are in light of the way he believes things could and should be. Operation Harvest is thus a vision as a result of what could & should be. He acknowledges that God is the giver of this ordained vision and shall also perform this vision, where the team is only co-workers in establishing His purpose for this generation we serve. OPERATION HARVEST is thus a God-ordained vision, may those who are touched by this vision experience a life-changing encounter.

The Evolving of Operation Harvest 

September 15, 2001 an encounter with God gave me insight of God’s timeline and strategy for the season by a Word given by God “It is Harvest time, you’ll reap where you have sown and you’ll harvest where you have never sown before.”

Even I thought that this was my vision but had to learn that this was only a revelation pertaining to God’s ultimate vision regarding the end-time. And this vision all had to do with the harvest which is defined as the “end of the world”. A puzzle is not making a picture, but puzzles brought together make a picture. This gave me a fresh look at where I am and how I should be aligned to that plan – aligned not to a denomination or a grouping but to the Bride of Christ. The Bride of Christ consists of those people who are born again, Bible-believing Christians who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour, not only people that belong to a specific cluster of people.

My review of my own status has brought me to that place to understand that Operation Harvest is an end-time cause with the emphasis on the Final Harvest. The harvest is designated as the closure or consummation of the ages in which reapers or angels will be released to labour in the fields for the ingathering – this is according to Matthew 13 & 24. Matthew 13 refers to this end-time cause, as “…the harvest is the end of the age.” This is a season of harvest; a harvest of souls and a harvest of promises.

This resulted in an operation named the Harvest – if you join the two words, it spells Operation Harvest. Under His Lordship He has allowed me to step into an end-time cause with a mission on the final harvest. However, I am fully persuaded that God is the giver of this ordained revelation and shall also execute His end-time vision, where I am a mere co-worker in establishing His purpose for this generation I shall serve. You are fully aware that I have been sharing this revelation for the last five years and shall continue doing so by laying the groundwork for a wave of harvest. I believe there will be a harvest of harvesters.



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