Community Projects

All Interventions

  1. The Fellowship - known as “The Harvest”, is a place of fellowship for individuals, children, youth, adults and families regardless of race, religion, sex, creed, age, colour, disability, or national origin, with the main focus to “…present every man perfect in Christ Jesus…” according to Col. 1:28.
  2. School of Truth - committed to the equipping and empowerment of every person or leader with the knowledge and practical experience needed for effective ministry. Teaching and equipping them. It is the truth that sets people free…
  3. Spiritual Empowerment Newspaper – Known as the “ Harvest Times”, the newspaper is an empowerment initiative with the aim to empower and uplift our communities, instead of breaking and stealing from our impoverished communities that want to be free. The focus of the community newspaper is to identify and address issues, like finance (debt, illiteracy, etc), health (HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, High Blood, etc,), social (marriage, abuse), leadership (role models), poverty. We believe it is only the truth that sets people free; for this reason do we unlock the truth for our communities so that they can be free. This is a monthly newspaper and our vision is to see that this newspaper becomes a weekly. Currently we produce 5 000 copies.  Our areas of coverage are predominantly the previously disadvantaged communities, like Belhar, Delft, Eerste River, Grassy Park, Ravensmead, Bishop Lavis, etc. Our channel of distribution is mainly public places, like rent offices, supermarkets, schools, libraries, churches, taxi stands, etc.
  4. Intercessory Services  - the intention is to ensure that the saints spend time in prayer. Examples hereof are our 24-hour prayer cycle, our Friday Prayer Sessions, our weekly prayer directive and other community prayer initiatives.
  5. 5.       “Everything you need to know” Booklets (in an easy-to-read format) - the intent is to equip and empower individuals and families by providing free booklets covering information pertaining to debt, HIV/AIDS, marriage, social issues in an easy-to-read format with a view to address inefficiencies among people and organisations.
  6. 6.       Counselling Service (HIV / AIDS, Marriage, Debt and Money Management, etc.) - offering people a confidential & professional counselling service to ascertain the nature of their problem, diagnosis of problem and to offer a spiritual solution.
  7. 7.       Radio Empowerment Initiative  -

Debt Interventions

  1. 1.       Debt and Money Management Counselling Service - addresses the inability of the majority of South Africans in managing money and debt by offering them a confidential & professional counselling service to ascertain the nature of their financial problem, diagnosis of problem and to offer a solution package. The solution package includes the liaison with creditors, debt consolidation (inclusive the assistance with budgeting), the setting of priorities, the management of credit reports and the transferring of debt management skills. In addition to our debt management solutions we will offer our money management programmes that becomes a compulsory initiative to facilitate that a strict adherence to the debt management program. It will further ensure the success of the debt management program.
  2. 2.       “Financial Empowerment” Booklets - intents to equip and empower individuals and families by providing free booklets covering information pertaining to debt and money management issues in an easy-to-read format with a view to address financial illiteracy among people and organisations.
  3. 3.       Financial Education programmes - the intention to address the issue of financial illiteracy among previously disadvantaged communities, to assist individuals and families end financial crises and empowering them solve money / debt management problems through education

Poverty Interventions

  1. 1.       Family Dinners – the intention is to provide a meal every second Friday for children and their families to enjoy a meal together as a family. We intend feeding 50 people on an occasion. The aim is to feed these families and to give the child the opportunity to enjoy a meal with his family in a social and formal environment. The enjoyment of the meals is supported by an informal environment and the address by a motivational speaker from one of the local religious leaders to encourage people to empower themselves (focussing on building stronger relationships, which is the basis for a sound community).
  2. 2.       School Feeding Programme – this programme is aimed at providing underprivileged children with a lunch pack daily. Education or learning cannot be successfully being achieved if a child is hungry. Teachers are in the best position to identify those learners who lack such a basic need.
  3. 3.       Clothing Bank – this programme intent to provide clothing bank where people of the community and of companies can deposit unwanted but used clothes for families in a bin. Daily drop-off facility and distribution takes place monthly and as needs are identified. The placing and collection of boxes at central identified points
  4. 4.       Hamper - Prepare hampers with basic foodstuffs and distributed. Aimed at relatively poor families in the community as identified by our field workers and partners (schools). Once a month, close to the end of the month. Preparation of hampers with generic basic food stuffs; Arrange monthly come together; Ask partners to assist with names and families; Assess each family based on criteria.

HIV/AIDS Interventions

  1. 1.       Church Awareness & Preparation Programme – this programme is aimed to help churches and organisations in becoming more sensitive to the needs of PWA and to prepare them to deal with these crises spiritually. Prepare laymen and church workers for the spiritual challenge in order for them to deal effectively with affected people.
  2. 2.       Spiritual Preparation of the people with AIDS – this programme intent to prepare PWA spiritually, because a spiritually stronger person has a better chance of survival than one who has not
  3. 3.       Spiritual Preparation of the AIDS/HIV Caregiver - this programme intent to prepare caregivers of PWA spiritually, because a spiritually stronger person has a better chance of survive than one who has not
  4. 4.       Pre & Post HIV / AIDS Testing Counselling – Provide individuals and families to come for a pre-testing counselling session and to be spiritually prepared for the test and to facilitate the testing and if tested positively to engage with post counselling sessions to assist with the aftermath of the test.



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