The Unscrupulous Practices of EAO




In one of the debtors, Mrs C’s case, her initial loan was R1300.00 in 2002. By March 2003 a garnishee order of R212.00 per month was implemented and the creditor informed the employer that the amount of the total debt was R4251. By January 2004, 11-monthly instalments amounting to R2338.00 had been deducted from Mrs C’s salary. At this stage, the creditor indicated that the amount still due was R7 953.00. By July 2004 a further R1 062.00 had been paid over to the creditor, who informed that the balance was now R8 391.00!


The results were that the garnishee order was rescinded, and no more deductions were made from the employee’s salary.






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