Repossession of Assets

Don’t let the credit provider obtain any order (Warrant of delivery or execution) against your assets

Thus don’t ignore any letter of demand, or a summons. If you do not respond to the letter, the lender then has to ask a court to give judgment against you.

A Credit Provider may approach the court for an order to enforce a credit agreement only if the consumer is in default for at least 20 business days and a section 129 letter is delivered. This section gives you the right to approach a debt counselor, consumer court, dispute resolution agent before legal action proceed. This is what you should do if in default?

• Try to make a repayment arrangement

• Bring the payments / arrears under the credit agreement up to date

• Scale back and draw up a budget

• Talk with our Debt Consultants


A debt consultant may negotiate with your creditors to reduce interest and/or suspend fees. If you enter a debt repayment program, you’ll make one monthly payment to the payment distribution agency, which will pay all your creditors. It should put an end to collection




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