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Our experience has confirmed that many employees experience financial distress due to financial illiteracy and their inability to make sound financial decisions. As a result many employees are been affected and resort either to resign to access their pension/provident funds or to make additional loans or incur unnecessary garnishee orders against their hard-earned wages or skip their financial obligation to pay off debts or lose the assets or become a victim to unscrupulous credit providers and debt collection practices. 

We offer to help your staff in the following manner:

  1. Financial Advisory Services - Employees who is over-indebted may have access to debt consultants at their workplace, or he/she may be referred to a debt consultants by his/her Supervisor/ Manager, Health practitioner, or by the employee wellness practitioner, or by the HR practitioner. We provide a confidential & professional one on one counselling service to ascertain nature of the financial problem, diagnosis of problem and offer a solution package. The duration of a clinical session shall be a minimum half-hour but maximum an hour.
  2. Financial Advisory Services (Group Session) - Financial education is a preventative measure that will assist and ensure that no consumer/employee will fall prey to the loopholes of debt and financial crises. Financial Education is dedicated to empowering consumers through educational programs that will influence them to refrain from overspending and abusing credit as well as to encourage them to save and invest. During such sessions, debt consultants are made available to consumers for advice or recommendations. The duration of a group clinical session shall be a minimum of an hour but maximum 4 hours.
  3. The Benefits of Staff Managing their Debt -Ensure that consumer’s performance is not effected due to stressful financial burdens decrease in garnishee order against consumer salaries reduce consumer’s harassments by creditors or collection agencies during production time and at the workplace provide employees with a better debt repayment program limit employees absenteeism due to court appearances as a result of debt






Our mission is to assist organizations and individual to end their financial crisis.
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Ramoth will review all your current debt and come up with a tailor made solution for you.
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