RAMOTH develops customised solutions. We start by working with the client to fully understand the client's needs. We use a number of assessment tools to provide insights and information on the individual or organisation, and bring the specific need into context with the broader organisational needs. Then, together with the client, we develop an appropriate profile for the specific need before we identify and execute the most appropriate strategy. Furthermore, we continue working with the client to evaluate the impact and success of our solution(s) as well as strengthen client relations on an ongoing basis.

RAMOTH methodology it follows to facilitate a solution: 

  • A proper assessment or analysis is made of the need of the individual or organisation
  • A link or counselling will take place only when an assessment is made
  • Once an assessment is made the person or organisation will be linked to the most effective programme
  • The individual or organisation will be linked to one of many interventions or services offered
  • The entire process is supported with the three key interventions, planning, implementation & monitoring (management)



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