Vision, Purpose and Intent

We dream of a people and organisations under the African sun that are ultimately economically free, empowered and self-sustained.

Our mission is to mutually and positively assisting individuals and organisations end financial crises and help them solve financial management problems through education, motivation, professional counseling and offering & the implementation of world-class interventions.


Our intent is spiritually deeply rooted in the following Word:  “It is Harvest time, we’ll reap where we have sown and we’ll harvest where we have never sown before.” As such we establish and utilise interventions that can provide a financial harvest to individuals, families, organisations and ministries in order to be econonimically free so that they can be sustainable to dedicate their time and resources towards their end-time cause and destiny.

Ramoth helps individuals and organisations manage their journey to financial freedom--to help people and organisations successfully overcome and correct root problems rather than simply treat the financial symptoms. To empower each client with the knowledge of how to successfully manage his / her finances now and in the future.



Our mission is to assist organizations and individual to end their financial crisis.
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Ramoth will review all your current debt and come up with a tailor made solution for you.
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Contact Ramoth today to help you solve your finacial crisis.
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